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The Old South Marlin Club
Converges on Kailua Kona for HIBT 2000

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so'z ya can see just what a swingin crowd this group really is!....

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The Old South Marlin Club....
from left: Lupton Pittman III, Steve Bolick II, Steve Bolick I, Susan & Randy Ward,
Tom Wilson, Doug Rorie, Jeff "Buttons" Burton, Brad McCain, Roger Goss
and that's Old South's "special lure" there in Lup's hand
more on this later, but we hear this baby is guaranteed to bring em up ;)

but first... we'll show off Our Sponsors:

we'll have lots more to report soon, but in the meantime - check out the HIBT2000 Website,
with any luck at all you'll be able to see what's happnin

meanwhile..... back at the ranch
the night before the Big Parade, the crew discusses strategy in the "thinktank"
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as you can see, this is SERIOUS biz, as Lup points out
the precise motion for hurling the "special lures"
while Brad shows Doug how to abandon ship when they go off too early..

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some of The Crew, with what they hope to bring home....
aw right, aw right awready! - enuf hammin - we gotta git to the Draw!

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Kay Holt here, shows us that she's been 'tagged & released' ;)
we can only hope they were gentle with you, Kay....

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Susan, Jeff & Randy look over the Boat/Team Draw sheets
as the teams take their pick of lines after a random drawing to see who draws first

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as you can tell from thelook on Jeff's face, this part coulda gone better...
but The Crew ended up not questioning fate and liked what they got
even if they did get last draws....

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later on out at The HIBT Parade, this group had perhaps the cutest setup
the fingerling there with the shiny hat on is the lure

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so.. after driving around looking for the 87 pounds of candy fer throwin to the kids
that 'positively, absolutely had to get there overnight' (and didnt)
Doug shows us the backup plan ;)

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Old South Team 1 is all loaded up and ready to go....
for the parade, too ;)

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as you can see, even the marlin were jumping aboard

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the floatilla heads into town, just a'flingin the 'ammo' as they go...

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"WHAT?? you just gonna ignore us?!!"

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"ready - aim - FIRE!!!! -- PELT EM boyz!!"

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HEY!!! no pelting The Paparazzi !!!
as you can plainly see here, this particular Team is in Fine Form
and so wasnt Jeff... ;)

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as the floatilla makes it's way thru Downtown Kailua-Kona
the 'fish' are snappin up the bait as fast as The Team can fling it at em...

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here's Rick & Charla Thompson - aka HIBT Offishial Photogs -
hammin it up for The Paparazzi - aka The Former HIBA webgeek
we even had a film crew here from The Outdoor Channel
so keep an eyeball peeled for this riot on the tube!

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ahhhh.... the ever-gorgeous Miss Billfish

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Hey!!! - fuhgetaboutit - she aint wavin at you!!!

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