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On my first watch...1 year old - 1975

12 years old or so in Fiji with new friend

Jan, BJ & Brian Sr, in Tonga - 1987

Is BJ sleeping through his watch...?

My parents' new cruising boat:
S&S 40 'Meleana'

Where did all the paint go?

Tony (Dong S Kang's) arrival in Honolulu
2 days after 'Mai Miti'

One of the Great Wonders of the World:
The Panama Canal

The first 'pit stop' - Port Villa, Vanuatu

A friend I met in Mauritius

War-dancing outside East London, South Africa

Mum & Dad, Jan & Brian Sr at the finish

Praise the Lord this picture wasn't taken at sea
in the Panama Canal

Me & Mum in Tahiti when I was 9 years old
aboard 'Foxy Lady II'

Nothing like a cold one after reaching port!

North of Darwin, Australia in the Arafura Sea:
enroute from Vanuatu to Cocos Keeling

I raced against this Cal-3-30 for over 15,000 miles:
He's now the first Korean to solo circumnavigate,
(Tony) Dong S Kang aboard 'Proteus'

Mum, Me & Dad the day I became youngest to orbit solo
Sept 28 1996

The first Korean to circle 'en-solitaire' &
the first under 21 years old to draw the loop around the world:
Tony Kang & BJ Caldwell

The one and only crew-member... come aboard north of the Galapagoes Islands

Ok, how do I explain myself?
Back at the Hawaii Yach Club with Mum

Cocos Keeling in the Indian Ocean...
you can see the bottom in 100' of water
"Am I in heaven or what?

Some of those CRAZY multiull sailors
crew-members of Bruno Peyron's Pacific tour on 'Explorer'

If I only had a girlfriend to share these moments with...
sorry 'Mai-Miti'

"I want to go again, I want to go again!!!"
Swamped at the finish

How do I say goodbye?
New friends in Vanuatu

After 5,000 miles from Panama, we approach Honolulu.
Note the beautiful Spectra sails
built of fabric from Bainbridge/Aquabatten

Cape Town: New Spectra (wings) sails
sponsored by Doyle Sails, Bainbridge/Aquabatten

Mossel Bay, South Africa

That wonderous machine:
Bruno Peyron's beloved 'Explorer'

Just prior to arrival in Tahiti
aboard Bruno Peyron's ' Explorer'

From left to right: Carl on 'Tamar',
Steve & Marty of 'Cicata', Tony of 'Proteus'
Port Louis Mauritius just prior to our
departures for Durban, South Africa

Prepping my girl at Ala Wai Marina just prior to departure

Timeless & Priceless promotional power:
vintage Blondie Hasler North Atlantic 29
'CapeSeeker' at
(METC) Marine Education Training Center

From left to right - 'CapeSeeker' owner,
master-craftsman Gary Brookins & me...
'two of my die-hard supporters' - MANY ALOHAS

The next 8 photos
Yves Parlier's Finot Open 60 'Aquitaine Innovations' smashing
the Gold Racerecord from New York to San Francisco:
57 days, 3h, 21m, 45s...(record broken by 5 days).
The crew:
Yves Parlier, Thomas Coville (Sport-Elec), Herv Jan, Lahou Roucayrol

Another mentor & a very beautiful boat:
France's Isabelle Autissier aboard her Finot Open 60 'PRB'
at the start of the 97/98 Vendee Globe Challenge

Isabelle's baby at the finish
of the Gold Race in second place


From left to right - Francois Coutant, Bruno Peyron,
Skip Novak and BJ in Tahiti aboard Explorer

Yves Parlier, next Vandee Globe winner ?

BJ "1996 Yachtsman of the Year award"

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