The Para -Tech ® Delta Drogue

DELTA Drogues increase steering control in large seas. There are a number of reasons to use a drogue: it helps reduce the yawing of a vessel in following seas so that it does not broach; it slows the vessel down so that waves pass by; it can help orient a boat passing through a rough entrance when streamed from its upwind quarter; and it can help a towed vessel to behave better at the end of a tow line.

The DELTA Drogue is a simple design with tremendous strength. Construction is similar in quality to Para Tech's high quality sea anchors: heavy webbing, large stainless swivels, and tough 18 oz. coated fabric are used to insure strength.The Delta is a pyramid which fills with water through a circular opening at the apex. Three openings in its aft edge allow water to pass through, creating a stable, high-resistance shape. It is virtually impossible to turn inside out or foul.

Since it is constructed of fabric, it stores in a small amount of space compared to solid drogues. It is supplied without a tether, although an anchor line or long tow line can be used.

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