The Para-Tech ® Parachute Sea Anchor

Parachute Sea Anchors can help you to weather the "storm you cannot avoid". Sea anchors are designed to be streamed from the bow of a boat, so that the bow is held directly into the wind and waves. Since the bow presents a surface with lower drag, strain on the vessel and rode is reduced.The sea anchor's incredible drag practically stops the vessel, and allows her crew to passively wait out heavy weather.This technique has been used on monohulls, multi hulls, commercial fishing boats, and many pleasure power boats with remarkable success.

Parachute sea anchors can also be used in less violent conditions when the captain simply wants to stop his/her vessel offshore. You might not want to enter a strange harbor at night, or navigate a dangerous channel. By deploying a sea anchor you can reduce your vessel's drift to under half a knot.

These are professional-quality sea anchors. Their enormous strength is assured by the use of the highest quality nylon for the parachutes and webbing for the shroud lines. They provide you with one of the best storm weathering tactics we know. If you use your boat offshore, we strongly recommend that you consider one.

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