Preparing for the next BlastOff
(Update: January 1 1998)

BJ Caldwell writes...

First, I would like to thank the most generous companies & individuals that have supported my on-going quest. The realization of my dreams would be impossible without them

Following my transit to Tahiti aboard Bruno Peyron's 'Explorer', I've been equiping the vessel 'CapeSeeker' for distance sailing. My current plan is to trial the vessel by criss-crossing the North Pacific between San Francisco & Hawai`i. I've pushed back my departure date until possibly September of 98', in favor of preparation & the fact 'El Nino' is creating havoc across my projected south-bound route.

I'm also going to work to find a much needed title sponsor. True, we have many sponsors but they're primarily for donations of equipment & services. Financially, we're deep into the red... we haven't received much in terms of cash sponsorship.

Also, the vessel I currently have use of (Robert Asakura's 'CapeSeeker') is a big compromise in terms of the best long term solution for record allocation & racing. As has been my primary goal since arrival back from my last circumnavigation, it's to find a title sponsor to build a Jean Marie-Finot Open 50.

Of course, my aim still being to circumnavigate nonstop and to compete in the 'Around Alone Race' of 2002-03. The five years to the start of that edition of the race will better enable me to find a company that can make this racing career a realization.

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