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Voyaging canoe Makali`i heads for Satawal
E Mau, crewed by Na Kalai wa`a Moku o Hawai`i
accompanies Master Navigator Mau Piailug home

The voyaging canoe Makali`i set sail from Ka`upulehu, on the big island of Hawai`i Feb 10, 1999. The 54 foot double-hulled sailing canoe, named for the constellation Pleiades - was built at the Parker Ranch in 1995 by members of Na Kalai wa`a Moku o Hawai`i

Master Navigator Mau Piailug, who trained Nainoa Thompson for his Polynesian Voyaging Society Trans-Pacific voyages aboard Hokule`a is headed for his home island and will be welcomed by a huge celebration in his honor.

Shorty Bertelmann, the first Hawaiian trained by Mau, is the ho`okele (navigator) for the voyage and will use wayfinding skills perfected by the ancient Polynesians over 1000 years before Europeans left the sight of land. These skills enabled the Polynesians to navigate the Pacific as if it were a pond and migrate to Hawai`i long before Columbus discovered America.

The trip will take appx 7 weeks to reach Satawal, Micronesia, some 2100 miles WSW of Hawai`i and will be skippered by Captain Clay Bertlemann.

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