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CanoeSports Relay Series Opens with
O`ahu race Mar21, Catalina Apr18, Kaiwi Channel May2

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Subject: CanoeSports Relay Event Update

Aloha, All...

Information along with rules, and entry forms for the three CanoeSports Relay Races (Coastal, O`ahu), (Catalina, California), and ( Moloka`i / O`ahu) are located at the "CanoeSports" web site at http://www.canoesports.com/.

Please check out the information located there and pass along anything you see to friends who plan to participate.

Also please note that the first two races are qualifiers for the KAIWI CHANNEL RELAY (Moloka`i / O`ahu) and all applications for this race are reviewed by the race committee. If you do not plan to participate in one of the qualifiers mentioned or the one on Maui or the Big Island, you had better get in touch with me to talk it over. Thanks.

Also new news!
We will be offering an exhibition class in the Coastal Relay on March 21, 1999.

For the first time we will have surf ski relay and are doing so on a trial basis to see how it works and how people like it. We will give more information at this week's 3-14-99 race on O`ahu. We will not be offering a surf ski class in this year's Kaiwi Channel Relay, sorry.

Questions / Comments to:
Walter Guild
91-938 La'aulu St. 46-A
Ewa Beach, Hawaii 96706
Phone and Fax (808) 685-1076
E-Mail: canoespt@hula.net

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