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The Great Canoe Race
Rescheduled for the Fall of 2000

See: 1st Announcement (May99) for more info

Waikiki, Hawai`i (August 26, 1999) --The date of The Great Canoe Race, the ultimate competition in Hawaiian canoe paddling, has been rescheduled from October 17, 1999 to the Fall of 2000, it was announced today by George Downing, Race Director. The reason for the change is to allow mainland and international crews more time to secure individual sponsorships for travel expenses and avoid overlapping with other scheduled paddling events.

"When The Great Canoe Race was announced last May, we did not anticipate the tremendous amount of enthusiasm and response we received from local, national, international and marathon paddlers," explained Downing. "Quite simply, out-of-state and foreign teams requested more lead time."

"After conferring with our sponsor, Mana Hoe, and the investors, K & D, LLC, we agreed to reschedule the event which allows us to attract the best athletes, include more foreign and marathon teams while maintaining the high caliber competition of The Great Canoe Race," continued Downing. "Our goal is to present the highest level of competition and share the tradition and spirit of the Hawaiian people with paddlers of different cultures who traditionally paddle varying types of canoes. We believe this change is in the best interest of the paddlers and the overall credibility of the race."

The Great Canoe Race is an invitational event which intends to return the channel crossing to its original format of a six member crew paddling ironman 40 miles across the Ka`iwi Channel without relief paddlers. This race is an endurance test requiring each paddler to reach within themselves, using their body and mind to achieve personal strength and maintain faith and confidence in their team mates.

See: 1st Announcement (May99) for more info

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