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First Outrigger Trade Show
to be held at Hamilton Island Cup Australia - July 2 - 5, 1999

Announcing the Worlds First Outrigger Canoe Trade Show

In our efforts to make the Coca Cola Hamilton Island Cup bigger and better each year this year's event will incorporate an Outrigger Canoe Trade Show where exhibitors can display their goods to a captured market. The Hamilton Cup attracts over 1000 competitors from around Australia and the world and concentrates them on one small island so this is your chance to show them what you've got. You not only get exposure to a large percentage of the paddling market, you get to do it on a tropical island at one of the world's best outrigging regattas.

Date: 2 - 5 July 1999

Location: Hamilton Island - Endeavour Room This convention room is located just a canoe length from Catseye Beach where all the action is. The Endeavour Room is where all race briefings and guest speakers will talk during the weekend ensuring everybody will see the exhibitions. Exhibitors can display for the entire 4 days of the event.

Cost - Aus$500 if booked and paid before April 30th (Aus$600 if booked after April 30th)

Proceeds go to the Hamilton Island Outrigger Canoe Club

As a bonus all confirmed bookings will have their logo placed on the new Hamilton Cup Website Trade Show page and linked to their own site.

Exhibitors will receive their own display area in the Endeavour Room with a fully dressed trestle display table (2.09m x 0.75m). Exhibitors are free to bring along any additional displays they wish. Audio visual equipment can be hired on Hamilton Island through Staging Connections. Orders for audio visual gear can be placed through the Conventions department. If you require any special requirements or extra area please discuss this with the conventions department.

This is the first Outrigger Trade Show in the world and we hope it will grow into something huge from a small beginning.

Invitees Include:
Anderson Canoes
Aui Kiriart - Art
Bart Optics
Bashford International
Black Bart Paddles
Cannibal Clothing
Canoe Sports Australia
Catamaran Enterprises
Coca Cola
Dukes Longboards
Gillespie Paddles
Gordon Jeffries
Hot Curry
Insignia Jewellery
Kanu Culture - Batini Books
Kialoa Blades
La`Au Mana Paddles
Mariners Outriggers

Pacific Rim Paddle Co
Paradox Adventure Craft
Power Bars
Pursuit Performance
Richmond Surfskis
Savage Paddles
Savage River Paddles
Sawyers Paddles
Speed Tech Instruments
Surfrigger Canoes
Tahiti Hoe Paddles
Tahiti Rame
Timber Treasures
Twogood Kayaks
Uncle Toby's
Western Canoe & Kayaking
Whitsunday Marine & Fibreglass
Zaveral Racing Equipment

For Bookings, accommodation and further information contact.

Lee Huber
Hamilton Island Conventions
Ph: (07) 4946.8504
Fax: (07) 4946.8689
Email - conventn@hamiltonisland.com.au


Colin Bartley
Resort Graphics
Ph: (07) 4946.8436
Fax: (07) 4946.8760
Email - barts@whitsunday.net.au

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