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The Na Kaleikaumaka (The Beloved Children) name and logo refers both to the children of today and we who are the children of yesterday. It suggests a continuity of wisdom and aloha that is to be carried through to the children of tomorrow.

From the beginning, the goal of Na Kaleikaumaka™ Outrigger Camps has been to offer an unparalleled experience for all participants that brings the sport and the culture together. To help keep alive Hawaiian ways and help seed the future of Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing.

For many children of Hawaiian decent, particularly those living outside the Hawaiian islands, it represents one of the few times they are able to study and experience things Hawaiian. For others, it offers a unique introduction to Hawaiian culture and the sport of outrigger racing.

During the Outrigger Camp, campers participate in Hawaiian activities Hawaiian oli (chants), mele (songs), pule (prayers), terminology, games, arts and crafts, history, legends, mythology and paddling a 40ft six-person Hawaiian outrigger canoe.

Outrigger Camp Staff, from the level of Counselor and above, are CPR and first-aid certified. All Camp Staff are trained and led by a fully qualified Camp Kumu (teacher) who has been trained and tested on their knowledge of Hawaiian culture to hold that office. The Kumu are also certified on a yearly basis by Na Kaleikaumaka™ and Staff training manuals are updated and augmented on an annual basis to maintain the highest of standards. All to insure that Na Kaleikaumaka™ authorized Outrigger Camps deliver the safest and most fulfilling experience possible.

Camp Organizers are directed to seek out the leaders in the local Hawaiian community for participation in Camp activities and camper involvement and local businesses. Community organizations like the YMCA are involved for their administrative capacity and to conduct background checks on all Camp Staff particularly those with extensive keiki contact.

Each Outrigger Camp culminates in a Camp race (sanctioned by the United States of America Canoe and Kayak Team) and lu`au to celebrate the accomplishments of the campers and celebrate the forming of new friendships and renewal of old ones.

We sincerely hope you will join our `ohana and experience what others already know to be a truly worthwhile project and a deeply moving experience. ALOHA!

Kawika Sands, President
Na Kaleikaumaka Outrigger Camps™

The Hana Hou Series

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