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*almost live means we're using a digicam and a laptop onsite,
in an effort to bring the show to the folks at home ASAP...
in most cases, the pix are uploaded within an hour or so? after snap.
and tho we'd like to have all the boats come in when we can be there,
it doesn't usually work out that way - but we're trying!

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Finishing at 1447 HST, July 11th in The West Marine Pacific Cup,

ALOHA & CONGRATULATIONS on a fine race...
So what ya snapped the stick!!

Killer pulling up to the bulkhead

As the crew abandons ship, you can see what's left of the rig

Ahhh what's the big deal - a little ductape and some pop rivets....

Killer pineapple, huh?

Arriving right behind, without a moment to spare and
Finishing at 1554 HST, July 11th in The West Marine Pacific Cup,

Which way to the showers?!

Put'er there, pal! - we may even have a lei or 2 left....

PLEASE, oh please give us some Mai Tai's!

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