Hawaii's Waterfront Attraction
Pier 7 ~ Honolulu Harbor

Welcome to Hawaii's World-Class Maritime Museum. Enjoy the excitement of the Honolulu waterfront and harbor at Pier 7. You'll get a close-up view of Aloha Tower plus a chance to experience Hawaii's largest maritime attraction.

The Story of Hawai`i - Was written on the sea. Uncover an oceanful of colorful lore and larger than live legends - from the volcanic birth of the Hawaiian Islands to the adventures of the Polynesian voyagers, European explorers, and whalers.

Hawai`i Pride - Turn back time as you walk the decks of the only four-masted, full-rigged ship left in the world. THE FALLS OF CLYDE was built in 1878 and is a national historic landmark.

Surf's Up - Once the sport of Hawaiian kings, see videos and displays on the oldtime surfing greats like Duke Kahanamoku to today's hottest windsurfers.

King Kalakaua Boathouse Museum - Take a fascinating journey through the days of Captain Cook to the monarchy and beyond. SHARKS, SHIPWRECKS & ERUPTING VOLCANOES...Relive history more vividly than ever with a stereo Walkman audio tour, laser disc videos and audio exhibits. A complete sensory experience!

Exciting Exhibits - You can see and touch. In the world-class whaling exhibit you'll see a rare Humpback Whale skeleton plus the whaling days of the 19th Century to the whale watchers of today.

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