A comment about the database used for this analysis is in order at this point since it rapidly becomes apparent that the numbers don't always add up. The principal reason for discrepancies is incomplete data for every catch entry, especially for the earlier years.For example there are 295 blue marlin, 22 yellowfin tunas and 3 striped marlin for which there is no record of area in which the catch was made and likewise for other features of the data including line strength, capture time etc. A second reason for the less than perfect database quality is minor differences in spellings in records of angler and boat names etc have meant that it has been impossible in some cases to decide whether two entries represent the same individual or boat. For example there are 5 different boats called Kealia (Kealia, Kealia II, Kealia III, Kealia IV, Kealia VII) with 4 skippers and 4 boats with variations on the name "Aerial" with 7 skippers. With boat and skipper performance of commercial significance, comment on these data must await improved quality of information before definitive statements can be made. That the data are as good as they are is a tribute to those who have collected and maintained them throughout the history of the tournament.

Anyone interested in information about the HIBT Tournaments is welcome to approach PORF, but the accuracy of the data cannot be guaranteed to 100%. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of the database PORF welcomes comments and queries from anglers, skippers and those whose knowledge of the tournaments extends beyond the numbers recorded and presented here. Without tournament participants and record keepers there is no information.

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