HAWAII OCEAN INDUSTRY AND SHIPPING NEWS will bring news and information to the professionals in this highly diversified industry with a focus on maritime, ocean recreation, ocean research and development, and commercial fishing activities.

"There is no other local publication that exclusively addresses the issues affecting the waterfront," says Publisher R.E. (Terry) White. "This magazine is intended to bring industry professionals useful information while recognizing ocean industry's contributions to the economic health of our state. For example, it is estimated that for each person in the state, almost six tons of goods are brought in by ship each year. By comparison, only 200 pounds of goods per capita arrive by plane."

White says that few people outside the industry are fully aware of the importance of the ocean industry to hawaii's economy. He notes that the most recent figures, from 1992, estimate direct revenues from Hawaii's ocean industry at $2.9 billion, one of the highest revenue-producers for the state. It is surpassed only by the visitor industry, construction and defense.

According to the Ocean Industries Branch of the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, ocean industry now generates almost 10 percent of the gross state product and is expected to generate about one new job per day over the next several years.

White, a 30-year veteran of Hawaii's maritime industry and past chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Maritime Committee says he plans an initial distribution of 4,000 magazines. He expects that figure to grow to 7,000 within the first year.

Subscriptions are FREE to qualified industry professionals in Hawai`i. Annual subscriptions for others and those not in Hawai`i are $20.

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