BOC Round-The-World Race
Sets off Marine-Biz Boom in Charleston SC

June 17, 1997

It was announced that the Alone Around the World Yacht Race will depart from Charleston, South Carolina, on September 26, 1998. "This is great news," says Neal Petersen who competed in the 1994 race. "Over the past 4 years, Charleston has taken increasingly to the water. Several new marinas have opened, including Cooper River Marina, home of our vessel. There is an events marina nearing completion, construction of the largest East Coast marina is underway, a new boat yard opened on the former Naval Base, and commercial shipping is growing. All together, this beautiful city is a worthy and perfect location to host such an event as the Around the World Race. We made an investment in Charleston when we moved our campaign headquarters here from Ireland, and it is paying off for us."

A professional speaker, yachtsman and author, Petersen has not officially announced his campaign, but work on the vessel, which he will be using for the 1998-99 race, is underway. "We will make a formal announcement of our entry soon when we can state our agreement with a group of lobbyists in Washington, DC, our sponsorship deals and what our program is."

Petersen was recently recognized in Charlotte, North Carolina for his outstanding community services. "My campaign will reflect my interest in youth around the world, and how we, as sportsman, can positively impact young peoples' outlook on education, ambitions and their successes." Working in schools in Charleston County, Petersen who has been building the bridges between what the youth learn at school, and how they can apply that knowledge to help them realize their goals, was described as a "hope-merchant".

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Editors note:
Hawaii's around the world racer, Brian "BJ" Caldwell is preparing for his run at the record books once again and is also entertaining the idea of entering the BOC as well.

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