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Hawai`i Winter '99-00 Surf Schedule

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HI Surf Advisory

Holding Period Sites Title Total Days
Oct 27-Nov 10 Sunset Beach Rusty/Excel Pro 3 days
Nov 12-24 Ali`i Beach #1 G-Shock Haw'n Pro 4 days
Nov 26-Dec 8 Sunset Beach #2 Rip Curl World Cup 4 days
Dec 9-21 Pipeline #3 Mtn Dew Pipe Masters 4 days
Dec 22-Jan 3 Ali`i Beach Surf & Sea Haleiwa Int 4 days
Dec-Feb Waimea Bay Quiksilver Eddie Aikau 1 day
Jan 4-13 Pipeline Morey Bodyboard-mens 4 days
Jan 8-16 Turtle Bay Crazy Shirts HASA (am) 2 days
Jan 14-24 Sunset Beach HPAC Sunset Pro-Am 4 days
Jan 25-Feb 3 Pipeline Women's BB & Bodysurf 3 days
Feb 3-13 Ali`i Beach HASA (am) 2 days
Feb 14-25 Pipeline HPAC HIC Pipeline Pro 3 days
Feb 26-Mar 10 Sunset Beach Da Hui Sunset Shootout 3 days
Mar 11-20 Ali`i Beach "Brazil Nuts" surf cont 2 days
Mar 21-31 Sunset Beach Sunset Masters 2 days
Apr 1-9 Ehukai HASA Crazy Shirts (am) 2 days
Apr 22-30 Mokuleia Haw'n Windsurfing Champ 2 days

Other events not yet scheduled:
Ali`i Beach Legends of Hale`iwa
Phantoms/Avalanche Haw'n Tow Surfing Association
Velzyland Velzyland Pro-Am
Velzyland Velzyland Jr Pro-Am
TBA Old Timer's Longboard contest
Waimea Shorebreak Waimea Shorebreak Bodysurfing Championship

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