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First Ever Hawaiiana / Surf Collectibles Auction
Saturday, July 21, 2001 at Blaisdell Center

Honolulu, HAWAI`I - (Monday, May 21, 2001) - Hawaii's first surf memorabilia, Hawaiiana and surf collectibles auction will take place in Honolulu, Hawai`i, this summer, July 21, at the Blaisdell Center. Featuring a variety of surf-related classic pieces such as a vintage surfboard from the 1800's, a 1930's bathing suit from the Moana Hotel, Waikiki balsa and redwood surfboards, big wave "guns" from the 60's, early 70's shortboards, surf movie posters, decals, old photos, and Duke Kahanamoku memorabilia, amongst other items. The Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction will also include one-of-a-kind island surf art and popular Hawaiiana pieces.

The auction will be held in conjunction with the Hawaii All-Collectors Show 2001, one of Hawaii's most popular collector shows with over 200 vendors, and will benefit the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association "Junior Guard Program".

Former professional surfer and renowned Hawai`i surf promoter Randy Rarick is producing the Vintage Surf Auction. More than 40 years of travel, competing and promoting within the surf industry have afforded Rarick the best contacts in the business. Subsequently, he has been able to acquire some of the best collectibles from around the world. Unique surf articles and surf-related Hawaiiana pieces have already been gathered from Peru, Australia and the mainland, but all pieces are unique and specifically of a Hawai`i theme.

"Surf memorabilia and Hawaiiana have become hot items for collectors around the world," says Rarick. "Particularly, the Hawai`i theme has become fashionable world wide and the collection of Hawaiiana pieces of historical value is becoming serious business."

But Rarick believes that some of the best pieces are still hiding out here in Hawai`i.

"We are hoping that word of this Vintage Surf Auction will encourage the public here in Hawai`i to take a good look at old items they may have around their homes or tucked away in a garage or attic. We are looking to make this the best auction ever by uncovering pieces that have never been offered before. For sure, the best Hawaiian surf collectibles are probably right here in Hawai`i. Those consigning pieces to the auction will receive 90% of monies raised with 10% being donated to the Junior Lifeguard Program."

The auction will be streamed live via the internet to a world-wide audience. Previews of pieces to be auctioned can be viewed at http://www.hawaiisurfauction.com/.

In addition to an excellent collection of items, some of surfing's biggest legends will also be in attendance at the auction, offering up and personalizing some of their own most valuable pieces. Big wave legends such as Fred Hemmings, Ricky Gregg and Greg Noll will be present along with world class shapers Ben Aipa, Mike Diffenderfer and Dick Brewer. Stars of the 70's shortboard revolution will be there along with today's top pro's.

If you would like to assist the affair by adding an auction item, please contact Randy Rarick or plan to attend in person.

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