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Subject: Transpac Update - 7/11 with Acey Deucy still calling the bets ;)

Aloha & Greetings from Diamond Head...
time check: 1259 HST
WX: 84degF, mostly sunny, breezy...
at buoy#1 WNW of Kaua`i:
Sea Level Pressure: 30.12 in (up again the past few hours)
Sustained Wind: ENE (070) at 16 kt
Gust: 19 kt
Estimated Wind at 10 meters (32 feet): 17 kt
Sea Surface Temperature: 79.7 F
Wave Height: 8.2 ft
Wave Period: 9 sec.

Latest Standings (as of Fri (7/11) AM Rollcall)
Last Updated 1249 hst

**News Flash:
Power outage hits MAE-West
A minor construction accident in San Jose this morning shut down electrical power at one of MAE-West's three switches, slowing down west coast Internet traffic considerably for about three hours as traffic had to be re-routed through other NAPs.

we now return you to our regularly sheduled programming.....

And it's STILL a "horse race" out there!.....

Pos reports corrected - maps any time now..... but -

With an ETA of 23:06 HST Sat the 12th, it's still Pyewacket, out in front with 517 to go, avg'g 12.0 kts with 287 in the 24hrs, increasing her lead by 1 over Cheval, running quite a bit slower today at 11.9 kts, covering 285 with 551 to the line, her lead increasing by 3 to 16 mi on Victoria also dropping to 11.9 kts since last report but picking up 286 on the day, 567 to go and with a late burst of speed, it's Merlin showing some magic and zapping along at 13.1 kts, blowing by 315 on the day, now 583 to go... in 5th position it's Luna Barba making only 10.9 kts now, with 609 to the line, followed by Renegade, with 683 to Diamond Head, now back 166 from the front-runner....

In Div II: Mirage has taken over the lead at 653 to go, making 11.6 kts, ETA Sun 14:41... with speed also off some from yest pace Kathmandu running 305 in 24 at 12.7 kts, with 657 to go - has picked up & passed Taxi Dancer knocking down her lead yest of 5, now slowing to 10.7 kts, with 658 to go, followed by Ragtime at 672 to run, making 12.1 kts, with Grand Illusion just a mile back at 673 to the line... coming along next in 6th is Orient Express, followed by Cheval 88 slipping back today to 93 miles behind the leader...

In Div III: with an ETA TODAY appx 1235, it's still Persuasion in front by only a mile (as of this AM) with Stealth Chicken in hot pursuit, continuing their duel for 2nd just minutes away now with Ralphie about 20 miles behind and Bay Wolf at 234 to Diamond Head, ETA Sat the 12th at 05:44 HST

Div IV: With an ETA 02:08 on Sun, and still calling the bets - it's Acey Deucy out in front with 392 left to run, followed by Pegasus XIV at 532, still making good time despite their jerry-rig and looking good for a 1st in their class... and Silver Girl still back there, with 986 to go - out of the "expressway" now, making only 5.4 kts....

In the Multihull race (well, it was a race ;) - it's still Explorer at only 614 to go, 414 on the 24 hr - backing off a bit to 17.7 from yest blistering 18.3 kts, again opening up her lead to 105 miles ahead of Lakota, the trimaran moving now at 16.6 kts at 719 to the finish line, showing an ETA (right now anyway ;) of Sat 15:41 & Sun 00:25 respectively -->

catch it all "LIVE" at the Waikiki YC Transpac Nav Station:

To view yachts positions within fleet, select on left

For full list of boat/crew data, with links to home port clubs,
select "Entries"

For Weather Forecasts select below
or Direct to Surface Pres/winds SatMap

then if you load the files in the proper order, it's quite the show to go back'n forth 'tween the maps - try it! -

Team Virtual doing an amazing job again this year....

be sure and give the ladies aboard Pegasus XIV a cheer -
they've been running with a jerry-rigged boom/vang? for a few daze now and could stand a rouser from the fans at home:

and now back to the bilge...

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