Transpac 97 LIVE at Transpac Row

Most recent updates 7/14/97

Pegasus XIV Arrives!
Crossing The Diamond Head Finish Line At 03:21:54

The TWC in from the sea!
"how was it out there?...WET!

Linda Newland, with Dan there in the back, clutching
Mai Tai - ready to go - chatting with HYC's Sooze Dannals

And look who shows up!
Latitude 38's Roving Reporter Rob Moore:
We go where the Women go, sez Rob - wind?
so what's the scoop, Rob?.....
How wet was it?" Linda sez ".. it was so wet on the boat that the
water-activated self-inflating PFD's were goin off down below"
perty wet, we'll bet. -

Then Melinda McCoy and Beth Bell show off their new invention
"the further-articulated vang".....hmmm.... looks like with a bit of work in the shop it might fly, huh?

Sue Senescu, Beth Bell, Linda Newland, Melinda McCoy, Val Navarro

The Transpac Womens Challenge Team

WYC Transpac Nav Station

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