Transpac 97 LIVE at Diamond Head Light

Most recent update from Race HQ 7/13/97

DigiPix From The Finish Line

Merlin across the line at 13:25:03 - The Wizard Is In!
Maybe by '99 we'll have a digicam that can zoom, huh? :)

Luna Barba crossing the line at 11:14:45 HST July 13th
their ETA nearly dead-on the money!

Lakota Crossing the Line at 10:30:46 HST July 13th

Walt Niemczura , long-time TPYC Communications Volunteer
and Transpac Team Virtual Committee Co-Chair/Mapping Server Kahuna.

Well it was quite a day here at the Light House - lot's of action, finishing boats
and never a dull moment (if ya know what I mean ;)

WYC Transpac Nav Station

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