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(Somewhere in Costa Rica, July 16, 1997)-- Tradewinds Yacht Club of Costa Rica is happy to announce the payouts for Transpac '97.

John Latiolait's 18-year-old Santa Cruz 50 Ralphie from Long Beach, co-skippered by Jerry Montgomery, set no records but sailed well beyond its potential to win the King Kalakaua trophy for the boat with the best corrected handicap time overall.

Going off at 10 to 1 odds, and with over $2,600 on her, the payoff is substantial. Although we can't divulge who placed bets on the boat, we know for a fact that it wasn't owner or crew! Next time, we hope they have more faith in themselves and Tradewinds yacht Club and put some money up!

Roy Disney wasn't aboard Pyewacket, the rocket ship that beat Merlin's 20 year record for fastest elapsed time - but at 6 to 1 odds and with over $15,000 on her for the honors, there are some very happy people out there celebrating.

Merlin's fans also showed faith in her, but unfortunately, her age must be showing and she couldn't hold on to the pace.

Congratulations to all the winners. And thanks from TWYC for having faith in us an putting your money down to make this such an exciting race.... For those who didn't win - better luck next time.

The Whitbread Round the World Race begins September 21. This is TWYC's next big offering. Odds will be posted early September on our website at along with links to other important upcoming races.

Tradewinds Yacht Club of Costa Rica, in association with Tradewinds Casino and Sportsbook is a legal betting service, licensed by the government of Costa Rica.

TWYC offers a unique service to sailing and sports enthusiasts. Local and international sailing races are offered as wagering venues. Odds are posted on our website.

The staff o TWYC is comprised of experienced sailors who know and understand racing. They have personal knowledge of many of the boats and crews participating in the races. Lines are set mathematically by an experienced bookmaker in Costa Rica. Bettors set up an account with the service in an offshore bank prior to betting, so that all money transferred for the purpose of placing a bet originates from outside the United States, making the system legal.

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