$40,000 OP Pro® Surfing Championship Location

November 16-25, 1996
In the world of big surf competition the beaches of the North Shore are synonymous with exciting and courageous performances by the surfers who ride the monstrous waves that explode over their reefs.

At the $40,000, 15th annual OP Pro Surfing Championship, the opening event of the 1996 Red Dog Triple Crown of Surfing, competitors and spectators alike canexpect exciting action at Haleiwa's Ali`i Beach Park location where high performance surfing is the name of the game.

"We're looking forward to returning to Haleiwa where the first major OP event was held in 1980," said Bonnie Crail, executive vice president of marketing. "We're especially excited about bringing the OP Junior to Hawai`i, which should be a superb testing ground for the invited 19 and under surfers. I'm receiving endless phone calls of enthusiasm by junior competitors who ordinarily don't have the chance to compete in Hawai`i."

Competition takes place just a short distance from the sandy "stadium" where the surfing gods have created a reef that shapes excellent waves for the sport. The international professional surfer's anxieties and expectations will be running at fever pitch and as they arrive each day "armed" with an array of surfboards of different designs, shapes and length in order to compete best on whatever waves greet them that day.

Ali`i Beach Park, just west of the North Shore's only small boat harbor, is a natural venue for major league surfing. For spectators, there's plenty of free parking and picnic facilities at the park and Haleiwa town, just a short two blocks away, offers fine dining and shopping.

This is the 12th annual Hawaiian Pro and the first time Ocean Pacific Apparel Corp, has participated as a sponsor in the $40,000 3-star rated event, sanctioned by the Association of Surfing Professionals.

Former winners of the men's Hawaiian Pro are: Mark Richards, Australia, 1985-86; Gary Elkerton, Aust., 1987; Barton Lynch, Aust., 1988; Cheyne Horan, Aust., 1989; Nick Wood, Aust., 1990; Tom Curren, USA, 1991; Sunny Garcia, USA-Hawaii; 1992-93; Chris Brown, USA, 1994; Richard Lovett, Aust., 1995.

There are several ways to follow the action during the entire Red Dog Triple Crown of Surfing. Read the newspaper sports sections, listen daily to the 97.5 KPOI, the official Triple Crown radio station, telephone Surf News Network at 808/596-SURF (7873) for contest announcements, wave and weather conditions, or call the Red Dog Triple Crown of Surfing Hotline for recorded information at 808/637-6376.

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