and the Association of Surfing Professionals ASP
Welcomes you to the 26th Annual
Chiemsee Gerry Lopez
Final jewel of the RED DG Triple Crown of Surfing

Quarter FinalsSemi FinalsFinalsThe Winner!
Guilherme Herdy [BRZ] 18.00 Kelly Slater [USA] 28.05 Kelly Slater [USA] 27.75 Kelly Slater [USA] 27.75
John Shimooka [HAW] 14.00
Kelly Slater [USA] 23.50 Guilherme Herdy [BRZ] 26.00
Richard Lovett [AUS] 15.15
Kaipo Jaquias [HAW] 16.00 Sunny Garcia [HAW] 19.00 Sunny Garcia [HAW] 14.75
Derek Ho [HAW] 12.00
Sunny Garcia [HAW] 19.50 Kaipo Jaquias (HAW) 18:25
Todd Prestage [AUS] 15.50

Triple Crown of Surfing
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Surfing At the Banzai Pipeline IS ON for today (12/20/96)At 0730 HST
Chiemsee Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters -

And It's Kelly Slater AGAIN!

Slater 27.75
Garcia 14.75
...more soon....

Slater Takes It Again!
Takes Out Sunny Garcia For 4th ASP Title, 4th Pipe Masters

Kaipo Jaquias Wins Triple Crown Champion Award

Slater Going For FOURTH ASP / Pipeline Title - Double-Tube in Heat 2 (12/18/96)
Shane Dorian Announces Keiki Contest (12/18/96)

Surf Finally DROPS Chiemsee Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters Kranks Up (12/17/96)

Aussie Paul Paterson WINS! G-SHOCK World Cup of Surfing (12/8)

Layne Beachley Has Won the Quiksilver Roxy Pro
Her 2nd Triple Crown Event for '96!
Lisa Andersen takes her 3rd ASP World Championship Title

Hawaiian Kaipo Jaquias WINS! Men's OP Hawaiian Pro (11/24/96)

Californian Dan Malloy WINS! Junior's OP Pro (11/23/96)

Layne Beachley WINS! Women's OP Pro (11/21/96)

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