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Think you know a lot about surfing, Hawai`i and the Triple Crown? Take this quiz and see how you rate. Score five points for each correct answer, and one point for each correct multiple choice or true-false answer.

1. G-Shock, the overall sponsor of the Triple Crown, is...
A. A fantastic brand of watches made by Casio.
B. A personal-security company that makes electric probes for people who live in gang-infested neighborhoods.
C. A rapper from South Central Los Angeles who doesn't surf but likes to sponsor contests.
D. A Brazilian company that makes ultra-skimpy bikinis.

2. True or False:
A. T__ F__ The Triple Crown was created by Fred Hemmings in 1983 when the newly formed Association of Surfing Professionals rescheduled the World Tour to end in Australia, instead of Hawaii.
B. T__ F__ Op, sponsor of the Hawaiian Pro, is a California company that makes beach-oriented sportswear.
C. T__ F__ Kaipo Jaquias is the defending Triple Crown champion.
D. T__ F__ Rip Curl, sponsor of the World Cup of Surfing, is an Australian company that makes wetsuits and clothing.

3. How do Triple Crown officials predict when the waves will be good?
A. They consult a 101-year-old Hawaiian kahuna who lives in a cave near Waimea Bay.
B. They dial the Psychic Hotline.
C. They use darts and a very special dart board.
D. They sniff the wind, look at the horizon then guess and hope for the best.
E. They combine two decades of ocean knowledge and local experience with predictions from the University of Hawaii, NOAA, the National Weather Service and professional surf-forecasting services.

4. What are the three events of the Triple Crown?
A. The $250,000 Cafe Haleiwa Monster Mush Masters
B. The Op Hawaiian Pro
C. Obayashi Presents the Kawasaki Outer Reef Challenge
D. Zeal Optics Presents the Rip Curl World Cup of Surfing
E. The Chiemsee Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters
F. The National Association of Chiropractors Presents the Waimea Shorebreak Invitational

5. What is the correct pronunciation of Chiemsee?
A. Kim-chee
B. Kim-say
C. Cheem-see
D. Chime-soy

6. What is Chiemsee?
A. A Japanese company that makes thresher parts for harvesting machines.
B. A Chinese multinational conglomerate that wants to build underwater condominiums just offshore of Rockpile.
C. A German company that makes sportswear and is insanely popular all over Europe.
D. Gross, smelly stuff that Koreans eat.

7. Which surfer has won the most Triple Crown titles?
A. Tom Carroll
B. Gary Elkerton
C. Sunny Garcia
D. Derek Ho
E. Michael Ho
F. Kaipo Jaquias
G. Kelly Slater

8. Which of the following statements best reflects the ASP judging criteria?
A. The surfer with the most becoming color scheme and cleanest, whitest teeth shall be deemed the winner.
B. The surfer with the most stickers on his board and the biggest sponsors shall be deemed the winner.
C. The surfer who does the most radical controlled maneuvers in the most critical part of the wave shall be deemed the winner.
D. The surfer who buys the most drinks at the Turtle Bay Hilton the night before shall be deemed the winner.
E. The surfer who shows up at the beach with the hottest-looking boyfriend/girlfriend shall be deemed the winner.

9. Which of the following great Pipeline surfers have never won the Pipe Masters?
A. Tom Curren
B. Phil Edwards
C. Ronnie Burns
D. Dane Kealoha
E. Johnny-Boy Gomes
F. Liam McNamara
G. Shawn Briley

10. Which of the following are among Gerry Lopez's accomplishments?
A. Street luge champion at the 1996 X Games.
B. Movie actor.
C. Heir to the Ginsu Knife fortune.
D. Owns a house on the beach at the Pipeline.
E. Pioneered several Indonesian surf breaks.
F. Renowned origami master.

1-A; 2-all true; 3-E (and a little bit of D); 4-B, D & E; 5-B; 6-C; 7-D; 8-C; 9-none of them has ever won the Pipe Masters; 10-B, D & E.


0-10: Ohio is five hours ahead of Hawaii. If you call now, you might be able to talk to your cows.

11-20: No, that's the Pacific Ocean you're looking at.

20-30: You're smart enough to wear a T-shirt to prevent Boogie Board rash.

30-40: You know how to pronounce Wahiawa.

40+: You're bummed you got bumped from the Pipe Masters trials.

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