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time now: 1433 HST

At 1229 HST with 1 mile to go to the Diamond Head buoy - with appx 45 mins to the line - it's still Panamuna out in front, Offshore & Outrigger 1(haw) appx 3/4 mile behind and rest of the pack is way back..

The Aussies heading for Diamond Head - paddling strong & steady

Outrigger 1(haw) is ahead of Offshore here - not for long tho, as they quickly made up the lost ground

KHON? on the media boat with the copter filming Panamuna(aus)

Offshore recovered with #5 bailing furiously as Outrigger pulls up along side & passes.

Offshore changing just seconds before they hulied, with Outrigger just behind.....

At 11 At 1059 with appx 10.6 miles to Diamond Head, it's still Panamuna(aus), followed by Offshore, overtaking Outrigger(haw) just a few minutes ago.... with Hui Nalu appx a mile back, followed by (in a pack battling / changing often) Healani, Outrigger Mstrs, Kai Elua, Lanikai, Lokahi, Hawaiian, Wailua Kayak Club...

in the Koa Div, it's Lanikai, Waikiki Surf Club, with Keahiakahoe (Hawn for "blazing paddles")....

Panamuna changing 3 at 12.8 miles to Diamond Head

at 0959 - with 16.4 miles to Diamond Head - it's still Panamuna(aus) widening their lead in front of Outrigger 1(haw), with Offshore gaining on 'em now still in 3rd, only a few lengths behind - back appx 1 mile in 4th it's still Hui Nalu(?), followed by (it appears outrigger 2(haw) with the rest of the pack way back.....

Outrigger 1(haw) in upper L center, with Offshore in the fore

At 0909 HST Australia's Panamuna is ahead of Outrigger Hawai`i by appx 30 canoelengths, with Offshore just behind in 3rd....

in 4th it's hui nalu
5- healani
6- outrigger 2
7- lanikai 1
8- koa kai 1
9- lokahi 1
10- hawaiian(maui?)

Panamuna just ahead of Outrigger Haw at Laau Point just after 1st change

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