Water Ways
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By Ray Pendleton

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A half-mile of cigarette butts on our beaches 9/01/01
Whales, boats vie for space off Hawaii 8/25/01
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San Diego sets the standard for fair fees 8/11/01
Air your concerns at HOST meeting 8/04/01
Bottom line begs for private ownership 7/28/01
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Barn door recipient voices his concerns 7/14/01
Two guys on the edge of a cure 7/07/01
Transpacific yachts head to O`ahu 6/30/01
Fish tale becomes whopper 6/23/01
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Can anybody stop the Trash-bergs? 6/09/01
Coast Guard ombudsmen heed the call 6/02/01
Hawaii's own Lipton Cup back in Waikiki 5/26/01
Scratching Cayetano¹s 7-year itch 5/19/01
Boat show is more than just showing boats 5/12/01
Privatization bill could make a big splash 5/05/01
DBOR takes another hit 4/28/01
DBOR's proposed rate increase unexpectedly high 4/21/01
No provision for privatization in Senate bill 4/14/01
Boaters should go by the book when dealing with a tsunami 4/07/01
House amends legislation for boating safety 3/31/01
Hawai`i lacking representation in Transpac race 3/24/01
Water Ways will continue to deliver 3/17/01
There's much to be considered in slip pricing 3/10/01
Senate almost on right track 3/03/01
Maritime conference next week 2/24/01
Don't blame civilians for sub accident 2/17/01
2001 TransPacific race to stagger starts 2/10/01
Get the drift, cigarette litter is unattractive 2/03/01
Junior anglers take to the seas 1/27/01
Share the ocean with whales 1/20/01
How to save your nautical loved-one's life 1/06/01
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