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Honolulu Star Bulletin (12/04/99)
By Ray Pendleton

At this holiday time of year there is always talk of being the perfect host. But, have you heard of an organization called HOST?

If you operate a boat in Hawaiian waters, you should not only have heard about it, but you really should try to have input into it.

HOST stands for Hawaii Operational Safety Team, and it is a unique coming together of a wide range of ocean users, including recreational boaters, the maritime industry, passenger vessel operators, commercial fishers, and other ocean related businesses.

Adding their input are representatives from governmental agencies such as the U.S. Coast Guard and the state's Transportatin and Land and Natural Resources departments.

Its vision is "to promote stewardship of Hawaii's marine ecosystem and enhance the safe and pollution-free use of Hawaii's waters through proactive prevention, while balancing the needs of Hawaii's ocean users.

HOST's variety of members attend monthly meetings with the objective of providing an open forum for industry, government and the public to identify problems and propose solutions to an assortment maritime issues.

Its focus is on the human element and the identification of the root causes of marine casualties and their prevention.

A major goal of HOST is to be the recognized forum for all the state's ocean users, by providing innovative solutions to issues in a non-threatening manner. Once solutions are arrived at, HOST actively disseminates the information via the most appropriate means, including its web site.

Due to the planned offshore fire works displays for this New Year's Eve, one of HOST's hot current topics is the creation operating procedures for ocean users. It will be studying all of the safety issues this coming week and a public announcement afterward will give boaters time to adjust their schedules to any special rules for that evening.

SAILING NEWS: Attention sail-racers. Beginning in January, Hawaii Race, a magazine that has been in circulation around the state for several years, is going to add a section devoted exclusively to competitive sailing.

In the past, most running and cycling enthusiasts have depended on Hawaii Race for up-to-date information on event scheduling, application forms and final results. From fun walk/runs to serious marathons and triathlons, the magazine has been the place to learn about them.

In the coming months, Hawaii Race will be developing lines of communication with every source of competitive sailing news in the state. This will include the Hawaii Yacht Racing Association, the Hawaii Youth Sailing Association, the Hawaii Women's Yacht Racing Association, the University of Hawaii's Sailing Team, as well as the individual yacht clubs.

With input from these organizations, Hawaii Race will then be in a position to publish a complete calendar of the upcoming year's sailing regattas, together with comprehensive race results.

You will find free copies of Hawaii Race at Sports Authority, or other sporting goods stores.

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