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Re-Converges on Kailua Kona for HIBT 2002


JUNE 19, 2002 Morehead City, North Carolina

Bubba Da Rat The Old South Marlin Club #2 will be returning to HIBT this year with a new team member. Replacing Rheft Phuq as team mascot, Bubba Rat will round out a strong returning group of anglers 'including team captain Lupton Pittman, Frank Gaston, Les DeAsis, Scott & Greg Olund and Kent Neal. Neal, who acts as Bubba's handler, was asked about the change of mascots. He said that the lack of security last year, which resulted in the unfortunate abduction of Rhett, necessitated the change. Rhett, it was reported, after his harrowing ordeal is now living *in seclusion in Honolulu 'in the care of Joey Chee's grandson. Bubba is described as being a particularly formidable rat. Kent reports that he discovered Bubba living *in an alley behind a waterfront bar in Morehead City, North Carolina. He had made himself a nest of broken beer bottles and was passing the time rolling drunks and eating cats when Kent offered him the job as team mascot. When asked what the team was going to do to increase mascot security, Neal smiled and replied, "Bubba can take care of himself. Anybody foolish enough to snatch him better count their fingers after." A photo of Bubba is included for release.

We'll have lots more to report soon, but in the meantime - check out the HIBT2002 Website,
with any luck at all you'll be able to see what's happnin..

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