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The Sea State Code
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Contrary to what you may think, the Sea State Code has nothing to do with law (concerted sigh of relief ensues!). It is actually a recognized classification of sea conditions. Here, I have inserted the corresponding Hawaiian terms and definitions along with what I think are reasonable qualifications for those conditions.

It may be interesting to see if, at some future time, something like this is used in establishing a system of ranking steersmen and crews. Perhaps even matching them with the prevailing conditions at practice (and perhaps races?). Otherwise, I thought some may find it interesting.

NOTE: The sea conditions listed here are a comparison of the sea states with its' Hawaiian equivalent and a suggested level of Steersman competency.

Beginning Steersman:
#0 0ft. Flat seas, like a mirror -Kai malolo: Quiet sea, as in a calm cove #1 0-0.3 Smooth seas; ripples, no foam -Kai olohia: Calm tranquil sea [lit] peace of mind

Novice Steersman:
#2 0.3-1.7 Slight seas; small wavelets -Kai wahine: Calm, gentle seas [lit] feminine sea

Intermediate Steersmen:
#3 1.7-4 Moderate seas; large wavelets, crests begin breaking -Kai kane: Strong seas [lit] male sea

Advanced Steersmen:
#4 4-8 Rough seas; moderate waves, many crests break, white caps -Kai `upoho: Breakers, whitecaps [lit] resounding sea

Expert Steersmen:
#5 8-13 Very rough seas, waves heap up, forming foam streaks -Kai ma `oki`oki: [lit] streaked sea, ref. to Kona seas

Master Steersman:
#6 13-20 High seas, definite foam streaks and considerable spray -Kai pili `oaiku: A churning, gasping sea

#7 20-30 Very high seas,steep waves,wind-driven overhanging crests -Kai pupule: Crazy, restless, wild, agitated sea #8 30-45 Mountainous seas; very high breaking waves, foam-covered -Kai mauna: Mountainous sea #9 45+ft. Very mountainous seas; air filled with spray, foam-covered -Kai akua: Raging sea too dangerous for man to survive [lit] supernatural sea

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