Queensland Australia


Coach: Ken Powell
Canoe # 28 - Finish overall: 28th *2nd Masters Time: 5:36:52 Pace: 08:15
Canoe name: Moana

Paddling Members:

Rob Gowland
Ron Grabbe
Adrian Blandford
Danny Sheard
Wendel Brebner
Trevor Went
Mick Gibbon
Bruce Kolkka
Noel Kolkka

Sr. Masters

Coach: W. Danford
Canoe # 110 - Finish overall: 47th *1st Sr Masters Time: 5:50:17 Pace: 08:35
Canoe name: Hokulua

Paddling Members:

Bob Rocheleau
Neil Campbell
Kevin Hackney
AC Bourne
? Killeen
G Skerlak
C McLennan
W Danford
B Ackerman

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