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Results by Order of Finish
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Malama Ula CC Crew 2 was 50th at 6:28:22

Hawai`i Island's Kamehameha CC in 51st at 6:29:02
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3rd from left is Randy Botti, President of Ka I Ka Hoe,
the big island's new OC1, OC2 & surfski association

Maui's Kahana CC was 52nd at 6:29:37
Kauai's Team Niumalu was 53rd at 6:29:42
Kainani CC, also from Kaua`i, was 54th at 6:30:13

Finishing 55th was Hui Lanikila Crew 3 at 6:32:22
& just 2 seconds behind was Australia's Malunuka in 56th

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Malunuka Australia Crew
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Marquesas Islands' Taka Eka Hoe was in 58th at 6:36:27
Oahu's Leeward Kai CC came in 59th at 6:36:48
Kauai's Puuwai crossed 60th at 6:36:56
Maui's Napili CC Crew 2 in 61st at 6:37:16
with Kihei right behind em in 62nd at 6:37:45

Oahu's Lokahi CC Crew 2 in 63rd at 6:38:56
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Oregon's Mountain Home CC in 64th at 6:39:18
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Hui Lanikila Crew 4 was 65th at 6:40:36
Keauhou CC Crew 2 was 66th at 6:41:26 for 4th Sr Masters

Kailua CC Crew 5 in 67th at 6:46:59 for 5th Sr Masters
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Maui's Hawaiian CC Crew 2 in 68th at 6:48:28
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?Hawai`i Island's Keaukaha CC? was 69th at 6:48:45
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and finishing in a pack for 70th, 71st & 72nd places was
Kailua 6 at 6:51:05, followed by Hui Nalu 2 at 6:51:17,
then another 12 secs later, Waikiki Beach Boys 2

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Kailua Crew 6, with Hui Nalu just behind em

Hui Nalu Crew 2
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Waikiki Beach Boys Crew 2 crossing the line 72nd at 6:51:29
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Maui's Na Kai Ewalu was 73rd at 6:52:56

Lanikai CC Crew 4 in 74th at 6:53:00
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Canada's Salish Warriors in 75th at 6:53:40
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Finishers 76 thru 94 to follow... ASAP

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