*Almost LIVE - direct from

*almost live means we're using a digicam and a laptop onsite,
in an effort to bring the show to the folks at home ASAP...
in most cases, the pix are uploaded within an hour or so after snap.
and tho we'd like to have all the boats come in when we can be there,
it doesn't usually work out that way - but we're trying!

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Finishing at 2100?? HST, July 10th in The West Marine Pacific Cup,
with an unofficial elapsed time of....

ALOHA, E Komo Mai - Welcome to Kane`ohe

In from the darkness...

You better have lei's for us, pal!

No.. I'm not the lei girl !

getting down to business

Now this is what getting lei'd is all about!!

Did somebody call for more Mai Tai's??

Here's a guy who looks glad to be here....

As the last of the crew is adorned with flowers..
probably a good thing, too - after being on that boat for a week

The Perestroika Crew....
and you know what they say?

The crew that races together, Mai Tai's together!

Are you sure you're not the lei girl??

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Long Term Mooring for Pacific Cup Participants

*Hele On to Kaneohe Yacht Club

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