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Iridium North America sponsors Transpac

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by Rich Roberts

Los Angeles CA (May 28, 1999) -- Iridium North America, in conjunction with its parent Iridium LLC, has come aboard as primary sponsor of the 40th Transpacific Yacht Race.

On Nov. 1, 1998 Iridium became the world's first global telephone and paging company. Through a constellation of 66 low-earth-orbit satellites circling the globe, customers can make or take calls and receive pages in the most remote regions on Earth.

"Over the Pacific Ocean, crew members are isolated from traditional communications," said Carol Ann Gorden, Vice President of marketing for Iridium North America. "The Iridium System and equipment are designed for this type of rugged environment and will be a tremendous help with safety, security and reporting for the crew members."

The Transpac joins a group of other sports and adventure endeavors sponsored by Iridium, which are natural partners for technology designed to communicate from remote parts of the world. Roy Disney's new maxi sled Pyewacket and a few other boats will carry Iridium equipment in this summer's race from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

Iridium North America is the sole owner and operator for Iridium services in North America. Iridium North America is actively selling services through integrating wireless service providers and distribution partners to provide customers the ability for unique service that permits any type of telephone transmission - voice, paging, data and fax to reach its destination virtually anywhere on Earth.

Iridium North America is headquartered in Tempe, Ariz., and will service the United States, Bermuda, Guam and Puerto Rico. Iridium North America is backed by telecommunications leaders Motorola, Inc., Sprint Corporation and Iridium Canada, Inc.

Additional information regarding the Iridium system is available at the website or by calling 1-888-Iridium.

Ex-Cheval, 2 multihulls enter
A former Barn Door winner with a new name, two Cruising class additions and the first two multihulls are among recent entries pushing the total to 33. Four earlier entries have withdrawn.

Philippe Kahn of Santa Cruz bought the Andrews 70 turbo sled Cheval from Hal Ward, who was first to finish in 1995 despite losing most of his mast off Moloka`i. Kahn has renamed it Pegasus and will join Pyewacket, the Bob McNeil/Bob Parish Zephyrus IV and Doug Baker's Magnitude in Division I.

Also entering were Bob Hanel's catamaran Double Bullet II from Cabrillo Beach YC and Clive Armitage's 60-foot trimaran, Pacific Challenge, from Eugene, Ore. The latter had a reputation for records when it was called Sebago under prior ownership.

The Cruising class, introduced in the 1997 race, grew to eight boats with the addition of John Robert Misko's Swan 36 from Seattle and Howard Raphael's Beneteau 40 from Palo Alto.

Dan Doyle of Waikiki YC has returned in the Doublehanded division with Two Guys On the Edge, a Sonoma 30 which was disabled early in the '97 race.

Entry forms are available by writing to entry chairman Dan Nowlan at 4224 Point Loma Ave., San Diego, CA 92107. Nowlan also may be contacted by phone or fax at (619) 224-0198 or by e-mail .

More Transpac information, including past results and press releases, is available on the race website http://www.transpacificyc.org/.

Rich Roberts
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Wilmington, CA 90744
Phone: (310) 835-2526
Fax: (310) 513-1664

Elapsed Time Records

Monohull: Pyewacket, Roy Disney, Los Angeles YC, 1997 7days 15 hrs 24 min 40 sec.
Multihull: Explorer, Bruno Peyron, YC La Baule, 1997 -- 5days 9 hrs 18 min 26 sec.
Cruising Class: Salsipuedes, Fred Frye, San Diego YC, 1997 12days 6 hrs 57 min 57 sec.

Transpac 99
Entries as of May 28, 1999

DIVISION I (starts July 3, 1 p.m.)
Boat Name Owner/Skipper Type Home Port/Club
Pyewacket Roy E. Disney R/P maxi 75 Los Angeles YC
Zephyrus IV McNeil/Parrish R/P maxi 75 St. Francis/SDYC
Magnitude Doug Baker Andrews 70 turbo Long Beach YC
Pegasus Philippe Kahn Andrews 70 turbo UC Santa Cruz SC
DIVISION II (starts July 3, 1 p.m.)
Grand Illusion James McDowell Santa Cruz 70 Lahaina YC
Mongoose Robert Saielli Santa Cruz 70 San Diego YC
Velos Kjeld Hestehave Tanton 73 San Diego YC
Medicine Man Bob Lane Andrews 56 turbo Long Beach YC
Cheval 88 Steve Popovich Nelson/Marek 68 Cabrillo Beach YC
DIVISION III (starts July 3, 1 p.m.)
Stealth Chicken Bruce Anderson Perry 56 Voyagers YC
Gone With the Wind LeRoy/Caseino SC 50 turbo St. Francis YC
Estupendo Antonio Luttman Schock 50 Acapulco YC
M-Project Manouch Moshayedi J/N 50 Los Angeles
Warpath Fred Howe Santa Cruz 52 Santa Cruz YC
DIVISION IV (starts July 2, 1 p.m.)
Uproarious Robert Bussard Olson 40 Silver Gate YC
Glamal * Seth Radon Sydney 41 California YC
Sweet Caroline William Rawson Dubois 43 Royal YC, Vic. Aust.
Love Machine * Joshua Dean Peterson 40 TSPYC
Prime Time Borkowski/Sherlock Olson 40 Channel Islands YC
Apollo V Ned Knight Peterson 42 Point Loma YC
Bolt Craig Reynolds CF 41 M Balboa YC
Great Scot Tom Garnier J/35 Los Angeles YC
Tower Don Clothier Lidgard 45 Waikiki YC
DOUBLE-HANDED (starts July 2, 1 p.m.)
Vendetta * Ernie Richau Olson 30 Alamitos Bay YC
Kiwi * Dawson/Coolidge Hobie 33 Channel Islands YC
Vapor Bill Boyd B25 Long Beach, CA
Two Guys On the Edge Dan Doyle Sonoma 30 Waikiki YC
CRUISING DIVISION (starts June 29, 1 p.m.)
Esprit Robert Pace Kelly Peterson 46 Oceanside YC
Goodnight Moon Carlton Vanderbeek IOR Swan 431 Dana Point YC
Willow Wind Wendy Siegal Cal 40 Cortez Racing Assn.
Endeavor III Bell/Clitheroe C&C 40 Royal Canadian YC
Pacifica Douglas Jones S&S 49 Southwestern YC
Hurricane Kim Stebbens Septre 41 Sloop Tavern TV
Unlisted John Robert Misko Swan 36 Seattle, WA
Unlisted Howard Raphael Beneteau 40 Palo Alto, CA
MULTIHULL DIVISION (starts July 6, 1 p.m.)
Double Bullet II Bob Hanel Hanel catamaran Cabrillo Beach YC
Pacific Challenge Clive Armitage 60' trimaran Eugene, OR

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