holoholo hawaii gif Goto: TransPacific YC
Doug Vann, Sailor and TransPac Webmaster
memorial service Aug 13th at Hawaii YC
scattering of ashes off Diamond Head

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Capn Doug's Tiare, The Red Boat, with his wife Sherry at the helm

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Tiare & Crew heads for the starting line
the ceremony scheduled to begin at 1736 hrs - their usual Friday nite time

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the procession begins.....

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the best count on the number of boats was "better than 50"
with appx 600 aboard for the send-off

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Tiare on the far right, her red battle flag at half-mast, with Golden Marlin up front
Capn Doug was also a surfer and he paid this webgeek one of the best compliments ever
for a set pix eye snapped on the day The Eddie went ...

Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 22:09:40 -1000
To: "lektrode"
From: Doug Vann
Subject: Re: (almost) live from waimea
Cc: Michael G. Vann, Glenn Magyar

Yo Danno!


Your Eddie Aikau slide show at http://holoholo.org/quikeddy/index.html
is the best surfing presentation I've (seen) on the 'net.

I watched all four TV channels Sunday night and thought the surfing looked ho-hum
(this from a guy who actually caught a few shoulders at Waimea years ago and I still treasure the experience).

So when I checked out your slideshow, I was blown away.
Not every pic was perfect, but you captured the excitement and energy of Waimea.

.....and I'll never forget that one, Doug - mahalo plenty.

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the fleet heads for calmer water in the lee of Diamond Head

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Tiare stops, the rest of the boats circle slowly, as Kahuna Lyman begins his tribute
more tributes to Capn Doug from Glen Magyar & Ray Pendleton

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Sherry begins the scattering of Doug's ashes.....

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ALOHA `OE Capn Doug.......
the webgame won't be the same without you here any more :(...

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Tiare ignites a ceremonial firecracker blow-off as the fleet heads back into the Ala Wai
for a party in his honor at Hawaii YC

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