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From Race Headquarters

At last, Vapor materializes at finish line 7/17/99

Pyewacket's Drejes wins crew award as time sails on 7/17/99

All but Vapor finish in Waikiki for awards banquet 7/16/99

Tales of Two Guys phoning home, and Mr. Disney's wild ride 7/15/99

J/35 wins Division 4; Coast Guard alert for Vapor 7/14/99

Seattle's Hurricane wins Cruising division 7/13/99

The Situation on Vapor 7/13/99

Southerly course was smart move for Pyewacket 7/12/99

10 boats have finished the 40th Transpacific Yacht Race 7/12/99

M-Project Hui Ohana to hold "no-host inquisition" 7/12/99

Two 'Idiots' On the Edge welcomed at Ala Wai 7/12/99

Hawaii's Grand Ilusion wins overall handicap prize 7/11/99

Pyewacket blows 3 hours off Transpac record 7/11/99

Zephryus IV fades as Magnitude chases Pyewacket toward record 7/10/99

Pyewacket stretches lead as Zephyrus IV hangs north; Magnitude now 2nd 7/09/99

Pyewacket takes lead, Cruisers take a pounding 7/08/99

Magnitude blows away 24-hour record 7/07/99

Double Bullet II capsizes 7/07/99

A lonely start for Double Bullet II 7/06/99

'Two Guys' leads way to Hawai`i 7/05/99

Zephyrus IV, Pyewacket running 1-2 in good breeze 7/04/99

Sleds get underway with 3 knot winds 7/03/99

Press Boat for July 3 Start 6/24/99

New Pyewacket faces battle for Barn Door 6/10/99

Iridium North America sponsors Transpac 5/28/99

New Elapsed Time Trophy 4/21/99

TransPac Early entries hit 24 3/18/99

March 1 Early Entry Discount Deadline 2/11/99

Cruisers weigh in for Transpac 99 1/15/99

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