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Transpacific Yacht Club
For Immediate Release:

The 39th edition of the biennial Transpacific Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu will have a fresh new look when the fleet begins its passage in July of 1997. "For the 1997 race, we're going to let the sailors tell us what handicap systems they'd like to use...and we'll accommodate them," explained Gil Jones , Commodore of the Transpacific Yacht Club. "We expect the largest number of racers to sail in PHRF, with other Classes competing under the International Offshore Rule (IOR), the International Measurement System (IMS), or racing on a boat-for-boat basis. Additionally, there will be separate classes for multihulls and for double-handed boats. PHRF entrees must have a Southern California Random Leg rating of 140 seconds per mile or faster, and 45 feet has been established as the minimum length for multihulls."

To add some spice to this classic race, each monohull entry will also receive a TPYC rating. This will allow the crew of a Backyard 37 in PHRF to see how they're doing against everyone else, including Morning Glory, Pyewacket, Cheval and the other boats racing for the first-to-finish trophy. The TPYC rating will be based on IMS data that is boiled down to a single number by factoring in historical data of the wind conditions on this 2216 mile passage. "There is no reason why a well-sailed PHRF entry shouldn't go home with an overall trophy as well as their Class prizes," Jones explained.

TPYC has also established new maximum speed limits for the first to finish boats that will be attacking Merlin's 20 year old course record. These speed limits are derived from the rating limits for an ILC Maxi, and entrees from boats that exceed them will not be accepted. "We think the revised speed limits will tighten the competition between the tall-rigged 'turbo-sleds' and the ILC Maxis...with neither type of boat having a built-in advantage," Jones stated. "We've opened the doors so that more boats will be eligible and welcome to take part in one of the World's truly great offshore classics," Jones summarized.

Entry information packets for Transpac '97 can be obtained from
Dan Nowlan
1522 LaPlaya Avenue #310
San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 490-1010

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Carol Hogan/Ocean Promotion

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