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In what SURFER Magazine called "the best 160 minutes of surfing ever seen at Sunset Beach," Australian surfer Gary Elkerton reintroduced power surfing to the Hawaiian break, fading, gouging and charging for back-to-back wins at the Hard Rock Cafe World Cup and the Billabong Hawaiian Pro, both at Sunset.

Matt Warshaw described it like this for SURFER Magazine: "The heavier the situation, the better Elkerton responded. He served notice 10 minutes into his season-opening heat just south of center, directed a massive fade into the pit, blended a chainsaw bottom turn into a 20-yard-line drive across the upper seam of the pocket, went north into another huge fade, turned up and, in perfect parade-rest stance, took a bull's-eye shot straight through the inside bowl. Animal and elegant." Photo: Jeff Divine.


In 1986, the fourth year of the Triple Crown, a young North Shore resident named Derek Ho began a long tradition by pulling into a hellacious barrel during the semifinals at the Marui Offshore Pipeline Masters. Many surfers have scored perfect 10s at Pipeline. But Ho's ride was perhaps the most memorable. Ho went on to win the Pipe Masters and the Triple Crown.
Photo: Rob Gilley.

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