a few pix from the Trial Rounds of
The Mt Dew Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters
3rd Jewel in The Vans G-SHOCK Triple Crown of SURFING

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here's one of them "6-10 footers" we heard about on TV last nite ;)

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now lets see here - if the guy on the wave is 5 or 6 feet tall
just how big is this wave??
only one thing you can call this stuff: E P I C  Pipe

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meanwhile,over at the Dell WebPC tent, we got ASP's Robson
surveying the scene (and takin notes, eh brah ;)
Robson is the guy who takes care of the ASP LIVE Scoring System
and is also The Dude who makes sure all of it gets uploaded

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here she is (the computer, NOT the blonde ;)...
check out the Top 10 Reasons to GET a WebPC
in addtion to providing the stuff here, they also sponsored
Surfline's TripleCrown Bonus Coverage

maybe someday ole Lektrode can get in on some of this action...
since he's been doing this stuff for the TripleCrown since '95 ;)
aka: The FIRST TripleCrown of Surfing Webcast

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meanwhile... back of in the "control tower"...
we got Surf News Network's Beau Hodge on the mic

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oh HEY!... here they are.... the 1stByte cameras...

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Beau Hodge swings back into action as a surfer rips in The Pipe

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and check THIS out....
Surfline/1stByte's LIVE Webcast control room - WAY coool stuff happnin here!
and just in case any of the rest of you webjockies are thinkin?
this setup would run ya a cool 100 grand (minimum) to do the same...
not the least of it is the T-1 from NetEnterprise Inc.
with bandwidth enough for 500,000 simultaneous viewers!!
OH yeaGh Baybee!! - this aint no "webpage" we're talking about here...

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oh look... here's another one of them 6 footers....
lets just count body-lengths on this one, shall we (clik to enlarge)

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here's Kauai's Bruce Irons in the Trials Final

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not a bad crowd on hand today - considerin the weather...

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Bruce Irons again here....
he ended up 2nd and advanced to the Main Event

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and The Winner of the Pipe Masters Trial-Round Final...
Tamayo Perry - scoring 8.5 on this one

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