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Returns to The Scene Of The Crime
at Kailua-Kona Hawai`i for HIBT 2003


The Scene of The Crime

FEAR RATZILLA and Clik HERE now The Old South Marlin Club #2 will be returning to HIBT this year a wiser team. During a team meeting earlier this year, it was decided that due to the deplorable lack of security, and the resulting abduction of two successive mascots, a new approach was needed. Wanting to preserve the proud tradition and fine examples set by the two previous mascots, Rhett and Bubba, Old South #2 decided on a bold experiment. With the new genetic technology now available, they decided to create a new mascot using the DNA of Rhett and Bubba. Unfortunately, as many will remember, Bubba met with a tragic accident after he was abducted, so a small sample of his remains was utilized. It is speculated that Bubba s remains had been contaminated with some sort of radioactive medical waste, producing the monstrous rodent.

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We'll have lots more to report soon, but in the meantime - check out the HIBT Website,
with any luck at all you'll be able to see what's happnin..

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