Kent Island Outrigger Canoe Club

Aloha to all paddlers and would-be paddlers in the Washington DC metropolitan and Eastern Shore areas! This is an announcement of the establishment of one of the first outrigger canoe clubs in Maryland (and so far as we know, the only one that owns an OC-6). Like other ECORA (East Coast Outrigger Racing Association) member clubs, we hope to introduce and help grow the sport of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Racing on the East Coast.

This club, known as the Kent Island Outrigger Canoe Club (KIOCC), was founded by John Fulton of Stevensville, MD, during the winter of 1997 - 1998. We paddled in the Liberty Cup Race in July 1998, hosted our first annual regatta (the Kent Island Cup/Maryland Outrigger Challenge) over the 1998 Labor Day weekend, and competed in both the Wye Island Regatta in mid-September, and the Virginia Beach Regatta in October 1998. (We were the first OC-6 to ever compete in the Wye Island Regatta.) John and another KIOCC paddler, Terry Wilton, both paddled competitively on O`ahu in the early - mid 1990s before moving to Maryland, and are eager to share the fun of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling with paddling enthusiasts in the MD/VA/DC area. By next spring, we will have a second OC-6, allowing us to train and compete against one another and give new paddlers a sense of what an outrigger canoe race is like before they try the real thing.

The purpose and goals of the Kent Island Outrigger Canoe Club are to promote, teach and compete in Hawaiian-style outrigger canoe paddling. At present, we are seeking new members for next spring's paddling season. If you are interested in joining us, please contact either John or Terry as follows:

John: Phone (410) 643-1306
Terry: E-mail
Phone (301) 870-1155, or (301) 669-2286.

ALOHA and Mahalo for your support, John and Terry.

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