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Arriving Diamond Head Light at
23:37:07 HST Saturday July 10, 1999
With elapsed time of:

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Magnitude ties up.... eye sure will be glad when the sun comes up...
Mai Tai's not withstanding (or is that withstanding the Mai Tai's? ;)

and lookee here who's observing docking operations
Roy Pat and Latitude 38's Rob Moore

ALL Right! - good show guys!
specially since eye missed the crew shot of Pyewacket...
but this one's of great 'Magnitude' - fer shur!

well ya don't say!.. it's the World Famous Skil Johnson, on the left here
Skil is The Voice of The Triple Crown of Surfing, he also sails out of Haleiwa - don't ya, Skil?

OK! - here we go - it's "one hand-grenade" time
here, from the left to right - we got Commodore L.J. Edgecomb,
then TPYC Honolulu Cmmt Chmn Bob Towle AND, in the pink sweatshirt?,
it's D.J. Cathcart, aka Miz Aloha/Abracadabra

WHOA!!!... these Pyewacket guys don't mess around!
and since it was starting to get wet around here, umm.. IT'S RAINING
eye didn't get a whole lot of Magnitude on this one...
Zephyrus is next, tho - let's see what happens....

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