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The Situation on Vapor

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July 13 Position reports

by Rich Roberts

Honolulu Hawai`i (July 13, 1999) - Vapor has not been in contact since it started the Transpac on June 29. The crew is known to have had radio trouble even before the race.

No other boat has reported sighting Vapor, but that is not unusual. In fact, it is very unusual for one boat to see another from a day or two after the start until after the finish.

Also, no distress signals, such as an automatic EPIRB system, have been sent from the boat.

According to its performance rating, Vapor, a B-25, would not be expected to arrive in Honolulu until tonight (July 13) or sometime Wednesday (July 14) - perhaps even later depending on wind conditions or possible gear failure.

Transpac officials are concerned because of the lack of communication, but because of the above points and the ocean sailing experience of Bill Boyd and Scott Atwood they are confident the boat could arrive unannounced at any time.

Photos, e-mail from boats, daily progress and position reports, charts, crew lists and other information are available on the race web page.

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