2Guys on The Edge Two Guys on the Edge
Arriving Diamond Head Light at
04:46:19 HST Fryday the 13th, 2001
WINNER of Double-handed Division (on Corr Time, 3rd in Div 4)
with Elapsed Time of: 12 days 18 hours 46 minutes 19 seconds

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The Edge, arriving just before sun-up (uggghh ;) at the Ala Wai
gets a push into the slip after apparently running out of gas coming into the harbor...
guess they dont call the crew 2 Guys on The Edge fer nuthin, eh?

Sefa, aka The Band, aka Waikiki YC Bartender..
aka Tihati Productions Ace Musician fires-up The Entertainment

as the Harbor Ops people tend to the necessary stuff at the dock,
Bruce is wondren about the necessary stuff for The Crew....

STILL waiting for a Mai Tai, Bruce gets the first of many leis, this one from
TPYC Honolulu Cmmt Chairwoman Sherry Vann of Hawaii YC
with TransPacific YC Commodore Sandy Martin there in the lauhala hat..
as Dan gets the Aloha Handshake from Waikiki YC Commodore Mike Welsh

we're almost done here, now - hang on, the Mai Tais are comin!!
Bruce Burgess on the left, Dan Doyle on the right, collectively known as...
Two Guys On (but cant wait to get OFF) The Edge
(clik on one of these links to read all about them)

having had just about enough Edge-iness for one lifetime,
Dan - in guzzle-mode - cuts-out with Mai Tai in hand...
BUT WAIT! sez Bruce, we havent put the signs up on the bow yet!
and what's that one there in yer hand say, anyhow???

while 2 of WYC's finest crack-of-dawn (ughhh!) volunteers drape the bow in leis
Dan makes a break for the food.... (and dry land)

yes folks, after 2 weeks at sea, sleeping (if he was lucky) in a soggy sleeping bag
eating (if he was lucky) freeze-dried food - does this guy look HAPPY, or what?!

and then.... you want to talk about lucky??
this was Dan's 3rd attempt at doing the TransPac,
the first time he entered The Edge for TransPac 97
when his new rudder fell off right after the start, after all the prep work
then had to bail-out on try #2 just before the start of TransPac 99,
when with Bruce and a 'Designated-Hitter' The Edge led the fleet for quite a way home
before being overtaken by the rocketships, but still Winning the Double-Handed Div
in spite of a knockdown, losing (use of) their radio and feeling like 2 Idiots when they got here ;)

and then, this year, as was widely reported during the start of the race....
a Rig mishap caused 2Guys to nearly miss start of TransPac '01!!..
Quick thinking by skipper of BayWolf saved the day!
READ: story at Honolulu Advertiser (7/1)
SEE: The Pix from The Starting Line (& The Drama ;)

BUT make NO mistake SportsFans, THIS moment in history is a tribute-to
and proof-of pure determination and what the human spirit (with a little luck) can accomplish....
well.... even if the Duel tween Disney&Crew on Pyewacket and Kahn&Co on Pegasus
was a tribute to what the human wallet can accomplish.... (with no slight on the skills involved ;)

THIS is a peak life experience and nothing could make it more enjoyable...
well.... the food certainly couldnt get any worse, or could it???

"We haven't eaten in two days...The freeze-dried food was horrible.
The last night we had this orange mandarin chicken stuff.
We each took one bite and thew it out."

Bruce chats with WYC Staff Cmdr Greg Frey (looking very chic in a vintage VW Aloha shirt ;)
"It was too nice a trip," said Burgess, who replaced Doyle two years ago
when the owner had a last-minute business conflict.
"All that was missing was a bottle of wine and music. It was easy."
uh huh.... shur it was....

one of WYC's resident sail pro's, Jim Masseli, of North Sails Hawaii looks up at the rig

the white box surrounds one of the 'McGuyver Specials' that kept em going
tho this is probably what was left of Baywolf's headfoil, eh?
BTW, Baywolf - in case anybody's wondren, has been out here a couple times..
in TransPac 97 & the 98 Pacific Cup, so they might just be needing some new gear...

here we have Bruce grinnin' it up with WYC's Don Clothier,
who'd like to convince him to come along with them on a delivery to LosAngeles
smiling there behind Don is his wife Chris, who's the Buyer for The WYC Boatique
which just happens to have A BUNCH OF TRANSPAC TEESHIRTS to sell,
including the much sought after Boat-Name Tee -- Right Chris? ;)

here ya go Dan, just what we thot you'd like...
yeah, well... tho we had planned on having a spread from Indigo Restaurant
like last year, you guys were too early this time!

hey! look who shows up, it's none other than Bill Lee, The Wizard himself
and Dan mentioning something about maybe it's time to get a bigger boat...

yep, without a doubt, tho it may've been the smallest boat in the race
which an aerial-shot from off the Top of The Ilikai from 99 shows
it quite likely got the most/bestest press-coverage of all of em this year...
(even if we do say so ourselves ;)

what do you think Jimbo? wanna buy a boat??

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