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this one at 0939 Hawai`i time Wed Dec22

Mountain Dew Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters

WINS 5th Mtn Dew Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters Title!
Sunny Garcia 1999 Triple Crown Champion

todays results: (20Dec99)
Round3(16) -|- Qtr Final -|- Semi Final -|- Final

With the largest crowd on The Beach EVER (Sun 19Dec)
in Vans G-Shock Triple Crown of Surfing history
Occhilupo ends the run of 19yo giant-killer Zane Harrison
Kelly Slater, CJ Hobgood churn out highest heat scores of Round2
Kauai’s Andy Irons hits another perfect 10!
Over 7000 turn-out to watch Garcia master Pipes
Pipeline at its gnarly best StarBulletin story w Tostee Pix

in last Sundays Action (12Dec):
Excellent Day at Pipeline - see: WCT ratings 'possibilities'
Kauai's Irons brothers Cruise in near-perfect Pipe
Andy SCORES Perfect 10
Occy gets beat by Aussie upstart Zane Harrison!
Garcia & Slater advance, Jake Patterson, Munga Barry OUT
catch the report from Some Guy: "small but gnarly"
who apparently wasnt here, cuz he was calling this SMALL/tame?
Round1(48) Completed, Round2(32) matchups posted
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in prev days (11Dec) action:
The PipeMasters = seriously UNDERWAY

SEE: a few pix from The Beach that day
ASP Official Results (trial rounds)
T-round1(32) -|- QtrFinal -|- SemiFinal -|- Final

the weather could be better, but crowd turns out as Some Guy
reports: H U G E board-busting surf pounds beach and surfers

ASP Final 99 WQS Ratings:
Mens -|- Womens

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some of the better stuff that's available:
SEE: a few pix from The Beach last Sat (11Dec)

Extra EXTRA! from Surfline/WebPC
The Banzai Pipeline: Magnitude, Violence & Commitment By Drew Kampion

BlueTorch.Com's TripleCrown coverage
Daily RealVideo reports
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recent Pro Contest Recap from SurferMag

Surf.ING Mag's TripleCrown coverage
with a NICE blow-up of the TripleCrown poster

READ: Big Wave Riding, Physical or Mental ? by Richard Schmidt

MORE HotShots: Tostee Pix (opens new window - close when done)
courtesy of Some Guy at The Beach

READ: a few blasts from the past / some great interviews
Darrick Doerner
-|- Barton Lynch -|- Ross Clarke-Jones
produced by Bronson Hilliard at Hawaiian SoulSurfing

MORE interviews: Megan Abubo -|- Rochelle Ballard from PacificSunwear
Zane Harrison Winning The RipCurl Cup by Nick Carroll / Surfing Mag (8Dec)

for you scientific types, have a looksee at Wired Mag's
Tube dreams: Manufacturing the Perfect Wave

and... since it's almost Christmas... read Salon Mag's
Jesus Christ, personal friend of surfing
altho it's about a diff contest, the names are the same

and... while yer at it, might as well Read about Duke Kahanamoku
because without Ole Duke - NONE of this might've ever happened!!
and without Rabbit Kekai teaching Randy Rarick how to surf??
Fred Hemmings might still be looking for somebody to run da buggah
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in previous contests at Sunset:

RipCurl World Cup of Surfing
Quiksilver Roxy Pro

in Wed's (8Dec) action: RipCurl Cup Concludes
Aussie rookie Zane Harrison WINS RipCurl Cup
ASP Official Results:
Round3 (32) -|- Qtr Final -|- Semi Final -|- Final
comes outa nowhere, barely makes it into contest on low seeding
takes out fellow Aussie Paterson & Hawaiians Williams, Garcia
and Rips his way to The Title StarBulletin story, TosteePix
pulling down a cool $10G's for his first WQS victory!
catch a Report from Some Guy at Sunset Beach
Nainoa Surratt awarded Triple Crown Rookie of the Year
and to the Victor goes the spoils see him getting leid on stage ;)

in prev days RipCurl competition:
Round1 (96) & Round2 (64) completed - BIG names fall left n right
Garcia advances - Occhilupo out! as HUGE Waves sort-out the field
6-time World Champ Kelly Slater eliminated?!
see: Hawaii's John Shimooka in Tostee Pix at StarBulletin (7dec)
Hawaii's Sunny Garcia has top ride of day scores 18.5 in H13/R3
Sunrise to Sunset, big waves rule the day at RipCurl Cup

Battle for Triple Crown thrown W I D E open! (6Dec)

Sunset Beach looking good for BIG Waves this wknd (3Dec)
RipCurl Cup stage is set for World Class Pro Surfing ACTION

in Friday's action (3Dec): Aussie women on a roll
Layne Beachley WINS Quiksilver Roxy Pro & Womens WCT
Shows her best in Roxy Pro, Greg Ambrose story and Tostee pix at StarBulletin
Full ASP Official results:
Round1 (16) -|- QtrFinal -|- SemiFinal -|- Final
Trudy Todd WINS Triple Crown for best overall performer

and Some Guy reports: "Winning the Triple Crown
was a big turning point in my career", sez Trudy
her sights now set on a world championship...

TripleCrown Donates Ford Ranger
to N Shore chapter of the Hawaiian LifeGuards Assoc
Ceremony at Waimea Beach Park (wed 23Nov)

in previous contest news at Haleiwa:

Big Islander Conan Hayes WINS! G-Shock Hawaiian Pro (21Nov)
takes First Jewel in 99 TCS StarBulletin story with Tostee Pix
another outcome like this might just be enough to persuade him to
quit contemplating early retirement from the World Championship Tour.
Full ASP Official Results

in Friday's (19Nov) action:
Melanie Redman WINS! Hawaiian Pro Womens / Tops WQS 99 Ratings
Pockets 2nd Jewel of The Triple Crown edges-out Kauai's Keala Kennelly AGAIN!
see: StarBulletin Story & Pix by Tostee
Full ASP Official Results

SEE: Melanie Bartels shred'n'it in: Tostee Pix at StarBulletin

in Monday's (15Nov) HawnPro Mens surfing:
Local young'uns Patacchia, Shibata are HOT
steal The Show in trials today at Haleiwa
see Jason ripping in Tostee Pix at The StarBulletin

in Sunday's (14Nov) Action: Californian Joel Tudor WINS!!
Bear Hawaiian Pro Longboard Invitational
Full ASP Official Results

1st of 3 TripleCrown womens events concluded at Honolua Bay, Maui
Australia's Trudy Todd Takes It for $6000!
her 1st Win on the 99 WCT, places her 5th in ASP ratings
Billabong Girls Final Results from ASP Live

Current ASP Ratings: Mens Top 44 -|- Women's Top 15

Occhilupo is out to complete a dream season in grand style
Hawai`i wahine happy to finish the grueling tour at home
See: stories by Greg Ambrose at the Star Bulletin (25Oct99)

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and See: 1999 Schedule of Events
for the who, what, where & WHEN

Honolulu, Hawai`i (September 1, 1999) -- The 1999 Van's G-Shock Triple Crown of Surfing, held on the North Shore of Oahu, is the world's foremost multi-event surf series and features the world's finest men and women surfers in the world's best waves.

Staged at three of Hawaii's renowned big wave venues from October 30 through December 21, the Vans G-Shock Triple Crown Series determines the prestigious Triple Crown Championships and the G-Shock Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) world championship titles. The events culminate with the Mountain Dew Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters, now entering its 29th year as the longest running professional surfing competition in the United States.

With the 1999 world title race currently wide open, the Triple Crown will usher in a changing of the guard for professional surfing. Although tour veterans like Shane Beschen (California), Shane Dorian and Sunny Garcia (Hawaii), and Mark Occhilupo (Australia) have an edge, the popularity of junior's circuits around the globe has developed a new breed of Triple Crown challengers. Up-and-comers like Florida's identical twins C.J. and Damien Hobgood, Tim Curran (California) and Hawaiian brothers Bruce and Andy Irons will join with Australians Taj Burrow and Mick Campbell in an attempt to overthrow surfing's elder statesmen.

Current Ratings: ASP Mens Top 44

The men's Triple Crown events consist of two World Qualifying Series (WQS) competitions, starting with the $80,000 five-star G-Shock Hawaiian Pro, November 12-24 at Haleiwa followed by the $100,000 six-star Rip Curl Cup, November 26 to December 8 at Sunset Beach. The $120,600 Mountain Dew Gerry Lopez Pipe Masters is the final jewel in the Triple Crown and concludes the 1999 G-Shock ASP World Championship Tour (WCT). The composition of the Year 2000 WQS and WCT will be determined by these events.

Following 12 events spread across eight countries, the Pipe Masters looms as professional surfing's biggest challenge and will crown the 1999 men's Triple Crown and ASP World Champions. The world's most renowned wave, The Banzai Pipeline features huge, death-defying barrels breaking over a shallow reef.

Now entering its third year, the Women's Triple Crown has been dominated by reigning world champion Layne Beachley (Australia), winner of the 1997 and 1998 Triple Crown titles. Featuring two elite WCT competitions with the world's top 15 women vying for the 1999 Triple Crown and ASP world championship titles, it also determines the composition of the Year 2000 Women's WQS and WCT series.

Starting with the WCT-rated $30,000 Billabong Girls at Honolua Bay, Maui, October 30 to November 10, the Women's Triple Crown then moves to Haleiwa for the $16,000 4-star WQS G-Shock Hawaiian Pro, November 12-24. This is the final WQS on the ASP women's circuit. The women's Triple Crown concludes with the $30,000 WCT Quiksilver Roxy Pro, the final women's WCT event from November 26 to December 8 at famed Sunset Beach, site of some of the most dramatic moments in women's surfing. Hawaiian barrel riding specialist Rochelle Ballard joins with Serena Brooke (Australia) and Megan Abubo (Hawaii) as the early favorites to unseat Beachley.

Current Ratings: ASP Women's Top 15

"After ten months traveling the globe, it all comes down to the most intense six weeks of the world tour," said Triple Crown executive director Randy Rarick. "This is where the pros hit the peak of their career. It is indeed the Mecca that they all strive to reach."

Steeped in rich surfing tradition, the Vans G-Shock Triple Crown of Surfing has been the setting for world title races, epic surf showdowns and the making or breaking of heroes since its inception in 1983. With the legendary North Shore as a backdrop, only eight surfers have won the prestigious Triple Crown title, determined by the number of accumulated points throughout the series. Hawaii's Ho brothers -- Michael and Derek -- led an unprecedented Triple Crown assault during the '80s, only to be followed by the '90s dominance of Sunny Garcia (three straight wins). More recently, six-time world champion Kelly Slater (Florida) has dominated the scene, winning his 2nd Triple Crown title last year (98).

Showcasing the world's most unique athletic competition venue, no other sport on the planet boasts a playing surface as ever-changing as the ocean on Oahu's North Shore. The enormous winter swells that descend upon the Triple Crown travel thousands of miles through open ocean -- driven by massive storms and typhoons -- only to abruptly clash with the shallow reefs of the North Shore. Huge volumes of water hurl shore ward with tremendous force, propelling daring surfers on their face. Mother Nature upped the ante last year with hurricane strength winds, forcing competitors and contest officials alike to undertake drastic measures to complete the events.

For contest information please contact: Randy Rarick

Last year's 1998 Triple Crown Action

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